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Battery Storage Systems, Albuqueruqe, NM

Preventing Rolling Blackouts in Albuquerque

If you live in Albuquerque or any of the surrounding areas, you might have been heard that there’s a potential for rolling blackouts to affect the region starting in the Summer.   This is a byproduct of an effort to shutter the San Juan Generating Station, a coal-fired electric power plant in the Northwest of New Mexico, and replace it with modern solar power stations.   

What you might not know is that there is a way to keep your lights on this summer through the blackouts in Albuquerque without much worry or hassle—installing an Enphase™ storage battery system.   

Let’s discuss in detail why Albuquerque may be experiencing blackouts in the future, what a storage battery system is, and why they are quickly becoming an essential part of any home.

Rolling Blackouts in Albuquerque—Why?

Before launching into the storage battery systems, let’s quickly break down into further detail what exactly the deal is with the San Juan Generating Station 

The San Juan Generating Station is a coal-fired electric power plant that was originally brought online in 1973 and has supplied power to the region for nearly fifty years.  Since 2017, two of its main units have been gradually decommissioned, and both the PNM and a number of state regulators have planned to close the plant entirely since 2019.  

This closure wouldn’t come without a replacement.  A number of solar power stations, like the solar farm on the Jicarilla Apache Nation, have been in construction and are expected to fill the role the SJGS once performed as it is retired.  However, that plan has been delayed in some measure due to the current materials shortage resulting from global supply chain disruptions in the wake of the pandemic.   

Initially, the station was supposed to be shut down in June of 2022, though given the recent developments, PNM representatives and state regulators are considering having the official closing date be relocated to the end of September.  

What this means for Albuquerque residents is that, as both private companies and state officials figure out how to effectively switch over the state to a different form of energy production, the interim may be marked with rolling blackouts.  This is especially true in a place like Albuquerque in the Summer, where electricity usage spikes when large numbers of people switch on their air conditioning during periods of intense heat.    

There is a way to combat the rolling blackouts in Albuquerque, however—a battery storage system.

What is a battery storage system?

A battery energy storage system (BESS) is a device that stores energy. It can be charged from the grid or by a power plant, and then discharge that energy at a later time to provide electricity and other grid services when needed.

Battery storage systems are incredibly useful for modern homes, especially when it comes to emergency preparedness.   If blackouts occur, these systems can be switched on and provide the household with a fresh reserve of power.  This helps take the strain off of generators or other forms of emergency power generation. 

What’s more, as solar power becomes more and more prolific, battery storage systems have become more common as well.  So, for homeowners who might be looking to invest in solar energy, a battery backup system is a no-brainer.

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What are Enphase™ Storage Battery Systems?

Enphase™ Storage Battery Systems are revolutionary energy units that allow homeowners to store reserves of power efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, well within their budget.  

Enphase™ is especially unique because it deploys IQ Batteries.  IQ Batteries are specially designed for maximum reliability. They’re distributed throughout your home and are backed up by multiple IQ8 Microinverters which switch energy from DC to AC and back again. If one stops, the batteries can keep the power flowing and the lights on.

These battery systems are the perfect choice for homeowners in Albuquerque who might be concerned about the possibility of blackouts.  With Enphase™ storage battery systems, Albuquerque residents won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll have air conditioning come summer—when the power goes down, if you have an Enphase™ battery storage system, your lights stay on. 

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